Baoba Royal is created by a mix of grains and 30 different Malts. A caramel aroma combined with fresh flavors reflects the particular processes used during distillery. The master blender merged the different ingredients into a blended whisky to finally create the desired characteristics


Succes in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent. Baoba Royal made the commitment for you !


Who are we

Baoba Royal is the first whisky produced by the belgium spirits production and distribution company owned by the Ngoy Family. We provide various types of beverage such as whisky, spirits, wine and soft drinks.


We strive to reach customers such as Hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, clubs, liquor stores and private users. Having Baoba Royal Whisky in your etablishment is choosing for innovation, originality, quality and accepting new sensations.


The purpose of Aristo is to shape new ways of tasting. We strive to grow our business with creativity, integrity and always highlight the customers choice.


Brand marketing and development cannot be accomplished whitout great distributors or agents. We want to reach each single whisky lover in the world. Contact us and join our resellers program.