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Save the Giants

The Baobab tree is the giver of life in the African Savannah. The oldest trees in the world are slowly dying, and have scientists alarmed. Nine of the 13 oldest and largest baobabs in Africa have died in the past decade, aged 1,100 to 2,500 years old. While further research is needed to understand why, scientists speculate the reason is climate change. The rapidly warming temperatures have either killed the trees directly, or have exposed them to the elements like fire, wind, drought and diseases. 


The tree of life needs to be saved 


Millions of age 

 Baobabs have been around for millennia—longer than humans have—and even longer than the continents split hundreds of millions of years ago. These baobabs can grow to massive sizes—30 metres in height, and 50 metres in circumference—and live for up to 5,000 years.

Support out commitment

The company Aristo group has been involved for many years into providing support resources to the local population and scientists to find solutions how to save the famous Baobab trees.  The impact of climate change is enormous and therefore we have decided to support "the save of Baobab trees" project more by giving away each year 5% of our revenue made by the sales of Baoba Royal whisky.