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In recent years, manufacturers have begun adding baobab fruit to juices, energy dinks, energy bars and dietary supplements. Often marketed as a superfruit, baobab is typically touted as a rich source of antioxidants. 
Baobab is native to certain tropical regions in Africa, including South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. Baobab trees produce fruit with a powdery pulp found to contain high amounts of vitamin C. Often consumed as a food or added to beverages. Baoba Royal whisky is not mixed with the fruit but is a reflection of the Baobab tree.


Master distillery in UK joined forces with Aristo spirits co-owner and youngest member of the family to create Baoba Royal blended Whisky. The choice of Whisky was made because of the very high popularity of Whisky in their homeland. The brothers gained many business experience in Europe and the only missing pieces was a family company. That’s how Aristo spirits was created. With a Headquarter in Belgium, Aristo spirits plans a worldwide development.

Smooth taste, Strong finish

Baoba Royal is a blended whisky made with grains which were carefully selected to create a very special smooth taste and still having a strong finish with his 40% alc. The sensational aroma and wonderful color are the added value to this particular whisky. Baoba Royal is a liquor that does not need an opportunity to be enjoyed !